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We like to work smart not hard! Tools & Systems are crucial in our business. If you use them correctly you WILL achieve massive success.


They are also duplicable in your team. You cannot duplicate yourself but you can duplicate a simple and easy system. This will take a lot of strain of your shoulders if you can simply just plug in and get started and do the same with your business partners.

Don’t overcomplicate or overthink it, just FOLLOW THE SYSTEM!


We HIGHLY encourage you to ask your sponsor for their link to the Momentum Makers (My Duplicator System) so you can get this amazing software for yourself. This will help you to prospect, follow up and capture info so much easier. You do not have to explain anything to your prospect, you can simply send them your link and all the presentations, videos as well as your referral link will be on there for them to sign up with GS Partners.

Here is short video that will explain what it looks like.

Also check out Linktree 

This is like a digital business card you can use in your BIO on your social pages or send out to anyone 

You can add all your social media pages links, the My duplicator link, a short introduction video of yourself on here so it will make it easier for people to find you. 
It looks more professional and you can even monitor the analytics to see how many times the links gets viewed.